Resigning Won’t Prevent a Disciplinary Hearing

We have accepted for a very long time that the decision to terminate an employment relationship by means of a resignation constituted a unilateral act effected by the employee. This meant that employees could either resign “with immediate effect”, or by giving notice, whereafter they worked out the notice period if so required. When the […]

Dismissal over chocolates

After 24 years of service, Ms Malukela (the employee) was dismissed over three boxes of chocolates. The employee was employed at Pick n Pay as an E-service manager. The position required the employee to operate a till and to train other cashiers on company policies and procedures, including those relating to returns, exchanges, and gifts. […]

Bad language ends in bad news

We live and work in a permissive society marked by increasingly informal dress and speech codes. Speech is often peppered with fashionable expletives, and more particularly, with the many variations of the F-word. Although conservative work structures have broken down and almost everyone is on first name terms, regularly share tweets and are friends on […]