Tread carefully with another’s ideas Kenneth Nkosana Mkate is to receive billions from his ex-employer, Vodacom, following the “please call me” judgment that was handed


Although one knows what the case law said, one can’t always immediately recall the decision in which the principle was expressed. These quick quotes may

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Our highly qualified and very experienced panel provides training where and whenever you need it. We have experienced labour lawyers and senior commissioners at the

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The Court speaks – quotable quotes[1] A commissioner must decide if the sanction was fair CASE LAW: Sidumo v Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited (Rustenburg Section)

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We have seen many changes in labour law in the past few years, for example: The LRA was amended and these amendments became effective on

Don’t lie – you sexually harassed me!

Credible evidence outweighs denial Introduction Complaints of sexual harassment are frequently met by denial. The denial takes various forms from ‘it didn’t happen’ to ‘it

I will sue for defamation!

Many things are said and done that upset one of the parties during and even after the employment relationship has terminated. When do these utterances