Resignation revisited once again!

After Naidoo and a fellow employee resigned from Standard Bank with immediate effect, they were told that the employer would continue with their disciplinary hearings

Circumstantial Evidence is Important

Any and all evidence that is placed before either a disciplinary hearing or an arbitration must be taken into consideration. In the matter of City

Resignation to Avoid the Chopping Block

The moot question as to whether an employer may lawfully proceed with and conclude disciplinary proceedings against an employee, post-resignation, before the end of the

I will sue for defamation!

Many things are said and done that upset one of the parties during and even after the employment relationship has terminated. When do these utterances

Prove allegations of racism

The facts Booysen, a beer truck driver, alleged that a regional risk manager (Hansen) used racist language when swearing at him. The employer (SAB) convened