HR Assistance

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We have seen many changes in labour law in the past few years, for example:

  1. The LRA was amended and these amendments became effective on 1 January 2015
  2. Depending on the facts, fixed term employees could become deemed employees
  3. The Employment Equity Act now plays a significant role at the workplace
  4. The Labour Court has taken a strong stand in sexual harassment matters
  5. The Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI”) is about to become effective
  6. Tolerating social and cultural differences has assumed new signifance
  7. Politics at the workplace remains hugely important
  8. The use of social media in the workplace has increased
  9. Controlling anti-social conduct like racism, sexism, genderism, homophobia, bullying, trolling, offensive language usage has become crucial; and
  10. Employers have to address modern habits like e-cigarettes, private cellphone use during working hours, working flexi-time, dressing in an overly casual way, and the like.

Have you updated your HR policies and procedures to meet and regulate these and other issues?   And to include amendments to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, or to give effect to the Employment Services Act or the Protection from Harassment Act?

Our highly qualified and very experienced panel provides HR assistance – mentoring, training, reviewing of policies and procedures, as well as drafting updated policies and procedure as and when you need it.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.


Our approach to fees: We pride ourselves on transparent, reasonable and fair pricing. We will provide you with a written quote at the outset stating how much our services will cost, or agree a fee based on the agreed scope of work.